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Based on official information and supplemented by hearsay
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Unofficial Cooper Union Schedulizer

Unofficial means if any information is wrong here, it is because Chris Lent has it wrong.
Please do NOT tell anyone other than Chris Lent, +1.212.353.4350, , that something is wrong.
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Available Courses


Selected Courses

1. CH-110-B
2. ECE-150-1
3. EID-101-A
4. ESC-000.1-1
5. HSS-1-D
6. MA-110-A
7. MA-113-C
Current Schedule Layout
Calculus II Version Fall 2012
9amMA-113-C MA-113-C
10amMA-110-A collides with MA-113-C
11amMA-110-A EID-101-A collides with EID-101-A HSS-1-D
12pmESC-000.1-1 collides with ESC-000.1-1 HSS-1-D HSS-1-D
1pm MA-113-C EID-101-A collides with EID-101-A
2pmCH-110-B CH-110-B collides with MA-113-C EID-101-A collides with EID-101-A
3pmCH-110-B CH-110-B

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