Ch 110 General Chemistry - All Sections

            General Chemistry,

           Hill & Petrucci, (Pearson Prentice Hall, latest ed.)

Ch 111 C2 Chemistry Laboratory -Wiener

            Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry,

            Skoog, West, Holler, Crouch, (Thomson-Brooks/Cole, 8th ed.)

Ch 160 C Physical Principles of Chemistry – Topper

            Physical Chemistry, Atkins, (latest ed.)

Ch 231 Organic Chemistry I – Bove

            Organic Chemistry, Solomons, et. al, (Wiley, latest ed.)

Ch 251 Instrumental Analysis Lab.- A/Savizky; B/Newmark; C/Kolak

Ch 261 Physical Chemistry – Topper

            Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, McQuarrie, (latest) 


ChE 131 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I - Lepek

            Physical and Chemical Equilibrium for Chemical Engineers,

            Nevers, (Wiley, latest ed.) 

ChE 142 Mass Transfer Processes – Davis

            Separation Process Principles, Seader, et. al.,(Wiley, latest ed.) 

ChE 161.1 Process Evaluation & Chemical Systems Design I - Stock 

            Plant Design & Economics for Chemical Engineering,

            Peters, Timmerhaus & West, (McGraw Hill, latest)

ChE 440 Advanced Fluid Mechanics – Lepek

            Transport Phenomena, Bird, et. al., (Wiley, 2nd ed.)

ChE 447 Sustainability & Pollution Prevention - Davis

EID 447 Pollution Prevention for Chemical  Processes,


CE 121 Structural Engineering I - Tzavelis

            Structural Analysis, Hibbeler, (Pearson, Prentice Hall, latest ed.) 

CE 331 Foundation Engineering - Guido

            Principles of Foundation Engineering,

CE 351 Urban Transportation Planning – Selinger

            Transportation Engineering & Planning,

            C. S. Papacostas & Prevedouros, (Prentice Hall, 3rd ed.) 

CE 363 Civil Engineering Design I – A/J.Ahmad; B/Cataldo; C/Guido

Section A: No Book 

CE 433 Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering I – Chang

            Foundation Analysis and Design, Bowles, (McGraw Hill, 5th ed.) 

CE 447 Stream And Estuary Pollution – Cataldo

            Mixing in Inland and Coastal Waters,

            Fischer, et. al, (Academic Press, latest ed.) 

CE470 Urban Security – J. Ahmad  

EID  Structural Design for Physical Security: State of the Practice,



ECE  101 Communications Theory – All Sections

            Communication Systems, Haykin, (Wiley, 4th ed.)

ECE 114 Digital Signal Processing – Conroy

            Discrete – Time Signal Processing, Oppenheim, et. al.,

            (Prentice Hall, latest ed.) 

ECE 121 Control Systems – A/Ahmad; B/Shinners

Section B Modern Control System Theory and Design,

            Shinners, (Wiley & Sons, 2nd ed.)  

ECE 132 Electromechanical Energy Conversion - Shinners

            Circuits, Devices and Systems, Smith & Dorf, (Wiley, 5th ed.) 

ECE 142 Circuits & Electronics II –A/Cumberbatch; B/Chatterjee

*Section B -Chatterjee –Fundamentals of Microelectronics,

            Behzad Razavi, (Wiley, latest) 

ECE 406 Applied Monte Carlo Methods – Chatterjee

            Monte Carlo Methods, Kalos, Whitlock, (Wiley, 2nd ed.)

ECE 410 Radar & Sensor Array Processing – Fontaine

            Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing, Richards,

            (McGraw-Hill, latest)

ECE 453 Advanced Computer Architecture – Berenbaum

            Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach,

            Hennessy, et. al., (Morgan Kaufman, 4th ed.) 


EID 170 Engineering Economy - Barrett

            Fundamentals of Engineering Economics,

            Park, (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2nd ed.) 

EID 330 (See Ph 330 for books)  

EID 370 Engineering Management - Barrett

            *Both books available on-line used

            Management, Pearce, et. al., (Random House-used-out of print) 

EID 447 (See ChE 447)

EID 470 (See CE 470)


ESC 100 Engineering Mechanics –C/Tzavelis; M/Baglione; SP/Ronan

Section C: Principles of Statics & Dynamics, Hibbeler, (Pearson, latest)

Section M: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics and Dynamics,

Section SP: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics and Dynamics,

            Beer & Johnston, (McGraw-Hill, 6th or later ed.)

ESC 130 Engineering Thermodynamics –Sidebotham-C/M

C/Cataldo-Mechanics of Fluids, Shames, (McGraw-Hill, 4th ed.)

*Purchase at Shakespeare-they have Primis versions

K/Brazinsky-Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Fox,,(Wiley, 6th ed.) 

M/Wootton-Introduction to Fluid Mechancis, Fox, et. al., (Wiley, 6th ed.) 


MA 110 Introduction to Linear Algebra - All Sections       Elementary Linear Algebra, Anton, (Wiley, 9th ed.) 

MA 111 Calculus I - All Sections

            Calculus and Analytic Geometry,

            Stein & Barcellos, (McGraw-Hill, latest ed.) 

MA 113C Calculus II - Vulakh

            Calculus and Analytic Geometry,

            Stein & Barcellos, (McGraw-Hill, latest ed.) 

MA 163 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I – Bailyn

            Schaum’s Outlines: Beginning Calculus,

            Mendelson, (McGraw Hill, latest ed.) 

MA 223 Vector Calculus – All Sections

            Calculus and Analytic Geometry,

            Stein & Barcellos, (McGraw Hill, latest ed.) 

MA 224 Probability - All Sections

            Probability and Statistical Inference,

            Hogg & Tanis, (Prentice Hall, 8th ed.) 

MA 240 Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations – All Sections

            Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems,

            Zill & Cullen, (Thomson, 7th ed.)  

MA 326 Linear Algebra – Agrawal

            Linear Algebra, Friedberg, et. al., (Prentice Hall, latest ed.)

           Applied Linear Algebra, Lorenzo Sadun,

            (American Mathematical Society, 2nd ed.)  

MA 341 Differential Geometry – Smyth

            Elementary Differential Geometry,

            Pressley, (Springer Verlag, 1st ed.)

MA 350 Advanced Calculus I – Agrawal

            Elementary Classical Analysis,

            Marsden & Hoffman, (W.H. Freeman, 2nd ed.)

            Analysis on Euclidean Space, Hoffman, (Dover Publishers) 


ME 100 Stress and Applied Elasticity – Kutt

            Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity,

            Ugural, et. al., (Prentice Hall, 4th ed.)  

ME 140 Gas Dynamics –Speyer

            Gas Dynamics, John, Keith, (Pearson, Prentice Hall, 3rd ed.) 

ME 141 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics – Kutt

            Fundamentals of Aerodynamics,

            Anderson, Jr., (McGraw Hill, 4th ed.) 

ME 151 Feedback Control Systems – Baglione

            System Dynamics, Ogata, (Pearson, 4th ed.)

*ON RESERVE-Library(Do Not Buy)

            Franklin, Powell, et. al., (Pearson, 5th ed.)

            *Modern Control Engineering, Ogata, (Prentice Hall, 4th ed.)

ME 312 Manufacturing Engineering - Wei

            Manufacturing Engineering and Technology,

            Kalpakjian & Schmid, (Prentice Hall, 6th ed.)  

ME 407 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics – Bondi

            An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics,

            Versteeg, et. al., (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2nd ed.) 


Ph 165 Concepts of Physics I – Kreis (for Architects)

            College Physics, Serway, et. al, (Thomson, Brooks, Cole, 6th ed.) 

Ph 291 Introductory Physics Laboratory – Uglesich

            An Introduction to Error Analysis,

            Taylor, (University Science, 2nd ed.) 

Ph 330 Introduction to Neural Physics – Uglesich

/EID  Nerve Cells & Insect Behavior,

            Roeder, (Harvard, ISBN: 0674608011-paperback)

            An Introduction to Nervous Systems, Greenspan,

            (Cold Spring Harbor Press, 1st ed., paperback)

            Theoretical Neuroscience, Dayan, Abbott,

            (MIT Press, 1st ed., paperback)